Application Testing:

Offering integrated app testing solutions which eventually save you a great deal of time and of course, app costs too.

Application testing, before your app goes into market or before it gets integrated into your business system or it is being put to use by employees across the organizations, it is always quintessential that the app shall be free from all kids of defects

A small error can certainly create big problems, can potentially damage your operational framework and thereby bring in losses.


Ensuring consistent customer experience.

Fixing defects, saving your time. Helping you release your app as early as you want or as per schedule.


More than likely, it is the failure to test the application which lead to failure of the application itself. It doesn’t manage to get the attention of the customers nor does it fully help bring in efficiency in business portions for which it has been developed. Of course, after lot of investment in development, most of the entrepreneurs feel like it would be not needed to get the app tested. It is also perceived as extra-investment or more time-consuming. However, it is only testing that will ensure that the app is what it is being developed for – perfectly determine the success or the failure of the app.


We offer a mosaic of truly effective and result-oriented testing solutions


  • Functional testing
  • Non-functional testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Automation testing


You can also count on us for agile and sprint testing


We, at RoseIT Corp, pride ourselves on flexibility that we offer across all projects. Get the project moving as per your business terms. We give you this option to scale the resources to meet your app testing needs, to meet peaks and troughs as in times of great demand and pressure.


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