AMERICAN MATRIMONY is the in-house project of rose-it corp.

These days when people are busy with building their careers and person to person interaction has
minimized and limited by the social media interaction. Finding a right person with whom you want
to spend rest of your life can be difficult thing.
As the name suggests, American Matrimony is a platform where individuals will be able to
connect with other people through out the global to find their LifeMate. Now individuals can
connect with different people based on their choice and pick the person with whom they want to


    • To launch a website for users to find a suitable match.
    • To provide a secure platform to the users.


    • To launch the website within 4 months.
    • Initial launching the application in USA market.
    • Launch mobile application after the successful launch of the website.


    • What makes American Matrimony stand out from other similar available platforms is it’s
      ‘Diversity’. The goal of the project is to catch the audience irrespective of any constraints.

Success Criteria for the project will be:

  • Providing diverse platform for the user.
  • Recognizing the market trends and customer’s requirements.
  • Unique user experience.

In Scope:

  • Company will be developing the website.
  • Privacy settings for user’s to hide the information they don’t want to share.
  • Sign-in using social media account.
  • Live-chat with the operator.
  • Sharing the profile/website’s link to other social media accounts.
  • Search matches based on multiple filter options.

Out Scope:

  • Mobile application.
  • The website will be launched in USA for the initial phase.
  • Video chat, unlike other social website, video chat won’t be available for this website.