RoseIT Corp. offers integrated app testing solutions which eventually save the businesses time and costs. It is essential the application is tested free of defects and errors before the business systems integrate with the application.

We stick to the deadlines and understand the importance of delivery on time, ensuring consistent customer experience.

We Specialize in

  • Quality Assurance outsourcing
  • Managed Test Services
  • Project-Specific Testing
  • Quality Assurance Consulting
  • Quality Assessment

We also offer a mosaic of truly effective and result-oriented testing solutions

  • Functional testing
  • Non-functional testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Automation testing

You can also count on us for agile and sprint testing

We, at RoseIT Corp, pride ourselves on flexibility that we offer across all projects. Get the project moving as per your business terms. We give you this option to scale the resources to meet your app testing needs, to meet peaks and troughs as in times of great demand and pressure.

Talk to our expert App Testing Consultants today to know more of what we can do for you and how our testing solutions really make a real, big difference.